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9/17 cinema stars 2017年上映会の報告会を開催しました!

5年 ago

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会場は、アフリカの花屋:AFRIKA ROSE(広尾本店)様にて。色鮮やかなバラたちがお迎えしてくれる素敵な会場で開催することができました。

また、今年はカメルーンでは空手大会とコラボレーション、ウガンダでは「そうめん体験」や学生たちによるワークショップという、cinema starsとしてそれぞれ新しいチャレンジをしたので、その結果もご報告。


◇ アフリカの子どもたちに非日常体験を届ける素敵な取り組みだと思います。引き続き応援しています。

◇ 日本でのアフリカのイメージが乏しいので、もっとアフリカの良い所を沢山アピールしてもらえたら良いですね。

◇ 活動自体がグレートです。

◇ アフリカならではのトラブルも多かったようですが、観客の人たちが楽しそうに映画を観ている写真を拝見できて良かったです。

◇ 子どもたちの笑顔がサイコーですね!

◇ 相互交流が素晴らしい試み

◇ アフリカの子どもたちも自分たちと同じ変わらない人間なんだなーっ 友達になりたいなーって思ってもらえるような橋渡しをします!がんばろーっ



cinema stars


【A meeting for our supporters were held on Sunday, 17th Sep. 2017】

On last Sunday, 17th of September, we held a meeting with our supporters to report what we had done for cinema stars in 2017. We were glad to see 16 supporters who kindly gathered the meeting even though it was rain because of the typhoon. The venue was AFRIKA ROSE in Hiro-o, where is the shop to sell beautiful roses from Africa.


In the meeting, we talked abbot what we had done in Cameroon and Uganda with some videos and a lots of photos, which showed many scenes such as preparation for screenings or how children reacted to movies.

We also talked about our new challenge of this year’s cinema stars, which is the collaboration with the Karate meet in Cameroon and workshops for eating Japanese noodle called So-men, or those for paintings with Japanese students.


Participants gave us these comments;

◇ This is a good project that you offer extraordinary experiences to children in Africa. I’ll continue supporting you.

◇ Japanese has poor image of Africa so that it would be great if we could appeal positive image of Africa to them.

◇ The project itself is just great.

◇ It seems that there were lots of difficulties, but the audience looks very fun during screening and it was so good.

◇ Children’s smiles are the best.

◇ Interactive activities are good challenge.

◇ I’ll also be like a bridge between children in Africa and those in Japan to make their communication as friends!


We got such wonderful comments which encourage us to move forward. We sincere appreciate their/your support of this project.

Of course, there are a lots of new challenges to overcome to make this project more better. It would be grateful if you would join us and create this project together!

cinema stars

photo by Yuto Enomoto

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