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5年 ago

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「cinema stars アフリカ星空映画館」自体は2年目ですが、実はこれまでに10年以上の活動が背景としてあります。代表の桜木は、17年にも渡ってウガンダを中心にアフリカに通い続け、現地の人々と家族のように歩んできました。

現地スタッフと共に始めた奨学金プロジェクト:Needy Education Schlarship Trust (NEST) では、ウガンダ北部の町グルにいる教育を受けたいと希望する子どもたちを応援してきました。




cinema starsは、これからもよりたくさんの子どもたちに、その「可能性」を感じてもらえるような活動を続けていきたいと思います。

It has been passed 2 years since “cinema stars” launched, though, we have acted more than 10 years.

Our representative Naoko Sakuragi has walked along 17 years with African people, especially Ugandan, like a family.

Needy Education Scholarship Trust (NEST) is one of the activities, and this project was started with Ugandan partners. It was the scholarship project for children who wanted to go to school in Gulu where is one of the Northern cities of Uganda.

The scholarship covered only 4 children because we could not give a lots of money or resources for many children. Moreover, we wanted to walk beside them with care as a family until their entrance to university or their being by themselves.

Now, our scholars have grown up and walk through their lives. The children, who needed support once make their dreams come true and live everyday with rewording works.

We realize that life has fulfilled with possibilities through their living.

“cinema stars” would like to continue to create many opportunities for children to find their own possibilities.

cinema stars

photo by Naoko Sakuragi

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